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How to Sell on Facebook MarketPlace

How to Sell on Facebook MarketPlace

In this modern era, selling online is no longer in doubt. Because there are already many people who feel the convenience of selling online anywhere. If you want to make sales on a marketplace like on Facebook, it’s also recommended. Because there are lots of buying and selling groups on Facebook and of course on Facebook there is its own marketplace. For those of you who are making sales on Facebook for the first time, you should pay attention to things like this, namely:

1.Create a Facebook Account on the marketplace

Canadianonlinepharmacybnt – Creating a Facebook account today is not like it used to be, which will later be verified by Facebook. So those of you who are going to sell on Facebook make sure all the data is filled in correctly. If you don’t, you will be blocked from Facebook even though it’s only been 1 day since you created a new account. In creating an account on Facebook, of course, it will not take a long time, so it only takes a moment for your Facebook account to be completed quickly. Creating a Facebook account can certainly be done anywhere and anytime. The reason is that you can create a Facebook account via a computer or smartphone. There is nothing difficult in creating a facebook account.

2.Follow friendship

It is recommended that you follow the friendship advice on Facebook so that buyers are sure that you are a real seller. On Facebook later you will be given friendship suggestions so you can click on some names that will be made friends

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How to sell groups on the following facebook marketplace

If you intend to make sales, it is better to sell through groups. Because in the group there will be many people who see what products you sell. But make sure the group you are in has a lot of followers. The opportunity for a group to have many followers is to make sales easily. Join some suggested groups, or you are looking for a place to sell in the right group. If you choose the right buying and selling group, it will be easy for your goods to be sold.

4.Upload Product Photos

After you follow several groups, you can update product photos in several places such as groups or marketplaces. If you have posted then you just need to wait for the buyer.


After there is a response from buyers about the products you share, then the next step is to provide options for the payment that you will make. Before the goods are taken by the buyer, you should make a choice where the money you will receive will be transferred. Do not let there be mistakes in the discussion in buying and selling. So as not to be disappointed later.

Buying and selling on Facebook is easy, because you can adjust the delivery service of the buyer so that those of you who pick up dropship products on Facebook don’t need to be confused. You only need to chat with the supplier and ask for a receipt number when the goods have been sent. For that, make sales anywhere, make sure the supplier you use is reliable. Don’t be surprised if sales on fb can use dropship, because any sales and in any marketplace can all be done easily and quickly.

The thing that makes selling on Facebook trusted is having a fast response. Because the seller who has a fast response is a responsible seller. Apart from that, sellers who have a fast response will certainly be sought after by many buyers. Because the results of buyer reviews will help recommendations. Recommendation by word of mouth and you can be successful in selling.